March 2001 Invitational - Lots of new faces for this one!
(Five machines in a row.. Isn't that a pretty sight?) ('Heh, look, the smear's still there from Feb!') ('Oh damn, she's coming to get me!  Too many smurf comments!!! I promise, I'll stop!) (Getting the groove on...) (As onlookers watch, RJ and Jphant dance to Afronova..)
(And they ham it up mercilessly..) (It isn't my coverage without the obligatory foot shot.) (The peanut gallery!) ('What are you doing??!') (As onlookers watch, the tired player has a coronary..)
(This image brought to you by 'Rickety Chair!' - Rickety chairs, proud killers of photographers for years!) (I have yet to get a good shot of her.. I think she's deliberately avoiding the camera...) (What *is* he smiling about here?? I smell trouble...) ('Have Fun storming the castle!!!') (Rule number one people.. If you're going to stick your tongue out at the machine, wait till you've stopped playing...)
('HEY!  You broke the machine!!!') (Praying to the DDR gods...  Praying for the death of the heathens who broke the machine...) (AND!!! HE DIES!) (Whoops, so does he.. Hey, the DDR gods are not quite accurate with their smitings... Do you want to argue with them?) (Don't whip your head around too fast, something might crack..)
(Hey man, when your partner's eyes are glowing, its time to get OFF the dance platform.) (Yes, he's playing blindfolded.) (I must have at least one blur shot.. Sorry!) (Group shot!  I nearly got run over by several taxis...) (<SQUISH>  Oh damn... Well, there will be no April coverage, the photographers dead.. ... Lets go play some more DDR!)

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