February 2001 Invitational - I admit, my photo quality dropped on these, I was a bit rushed on the processing.. Sorry!
( The place..  The time.. The event... The cheezy voiceover! ) ( Look, I AM the Lord of the Dance! ) ( Dance man, dance like there's no tommorrow!  Um.. Dude.. DANCE!  Oh alright.  I'll shut up.. ) ( What is he afraid to look at? ) ( Alright!!! The guy's dancing!! He's dancing!  Blur those feet! )
( AHH!!! TOO BRIGHT!  He went too far!  He's gone into PLAID! ) ( Aww man, I hate it when Smurfs get on the dance board...  Lemme see... ) ( Ahhh, its okay now, I just squished Brainy. ) ( Damnit, I hate it when RJ smushes a smurf and doesn't clean up after himself. ) ( Racking up the perfects! )
( Humm, what masochistic tendency will we pander to now? ) ( Gonna make it.. Gonna make it.. GONNA MAKE IT!!...  Ohoh. ) ( Did you see that?  Beat that!  Wait, what do you mean I was playing little mode? ) ( Its a line dance!  NO!  ITS A DDR TOURNAMENT! ) ( Cus I'm a cowboy baby..... )
( Now, don't you know its not nice to muscle in on the other player's pad? ) ( PHBBBBT! ) ( Ohhhh cusssss.. .I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay, I sleep all night and I work all day! ) ( Indoctrinat--- I mean, training new players. ) ( Ordering the soldiers. )
( Group shot!  Time for the photographer to blind EVERYONE simultaneously! ) ( Awww, another good day wrapping up. <smile> )

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