May 2001 Invitational - Return of the blurry shot. :)
( We start..  with two guys dancin. ) ( 'We have rat soup, rat pie, and rat spam.  You can try the DDR, it ain't got too much rat in it.' ^_^ ) ( 'Hey, you look at your own pattern, this is MY pattern.' ) ( Love the hair blur in this one.  Remember - when playing DDR, do NOT let your hair get caught in the ceiling fans. ) ( Kay, I think the observer's had too much drugs today, someone cut him off.. ^_^ )
( 'Hey how about this song?'  'Don't you DARE pick Dead End SSR Random Stealth!' ) ( 'I won the tongue sticking out competition stage of the invitational!' ) ( A whole row of blurry dancers. ^_^;; ) ( Our youngest player of all, Tifa shows off her stomping skills. ) ( 'I shall try and intimidate the machine into giving me an SS by staring hard..' )
( Our members are multitalented.. Here's one showing off his diablo skills. ) ( Our next challenge to him is to work the diablo WHILE playing SSR Afronova facing away from the screen.  ^_^ ) ( A very nice drop shot here. ) ( 'ook!' ) ( We have liftoff! )
( 'Brain, we can take over the world with SHINY PANTS!' ) ( I believe a 70's dance routine is incorporated into this DDR routine. ) ( 'Ready, and brace for the jump!' ) ( 'My Hidden Dragon technique will defeat anything you throw at me..' ) ( Seems RJ's response is to resort to Crouching Tiger... )
( No no no!  You can't go till we get the group shots! ) ( Hanging out outside and chilling in the cooler air. ) ( NYAHHH!!!! phbbbbbbbbt! ) ( We end on the traditional group shot of the month. ) ( 'Your dances are like sunshine on a cloudy day!' ^_^ )

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