NYC DDR Invitational - December 2000 - The first of the galleries.. 
( Yes, he really has perfected the anti-grav unit. ) ( If I hold on tight enough to this bar, I'll be able to launch myself over the machine and RIGHT INTO THE WALL! ) ( Left!  Left!  LEFT RIGHT LEFT! ) ( Ready... Set..... ) ( LAUNCH! )
( And in the year 2000, the monolith came down on the pad... ) ( And the monolith did dance... ) ( Airborne Blur! ) ( Playing a bit in photoshop. <smile> ) ( When in doubt, yell at the machine! )
( Hop to my beat, and one two three HOP! ) ( I have the key, I bend light to move faster.. No? ) ( Man?  Machine?  Monkey?  You decide. ) ( Note..  Two players calm, and in the background, a screamer. ) ( Hey look!  I just scored a point!  ... ^_^;; )
( And now, for the synchronized dance routine. ) ( Look! A SMURF! ) ( Hey, I've got one too! ) ( Light flare effects, love em when they're natural. ) ( When thy image is blurry, play in photoshop and make it look like it was intentional. )
( And the second monolith did fall but moments later.. ) ( And the monolith did squash the little ones.. ) ( Slide like you've never slid before! ) ( Hi!  Hey, is that camera on? )

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