Pure Evil.
This is the label that the daring eaters of the Cake of Evil saw when the box was brought out.
Here's a closeup of the Nutritional Label.  Note that the left image really was the steadiest I could hold the camera after eating the cake.  The right image required bracing the camera so I wouldn't shake it.
Mmmmm, insulin.  It does a body good.  That there is a 7 inch tall cake, give or take a heart attack or two.

Note how thick the top layer of chocolate is.

The top of the cake from an angle, and then a closeup of the layers of the cake.
A day after eating an entire SLICE of this for dinner, my muscles were still shaky.
Unfortuantely, Cheesecake Factory doesn't seem to sell this particular cake 
through their website.  Perhaps for good reason.
The cake itself? If you like chocolate, it's pure heaven. 
Be aware that it really does deserve the name BLACKOUT cake.
Pure Cake Evil.