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My notes as they stand on Ohayocon 2002 (Draft 1 - No Con writeup or shoutouts yet.)

Ohayocon 02

Ohayocon 2002 The little con that could!

Let me say it simply : Ohayocon was the most fun Ive had in a long time. 

Ohayocon 2002 was a second year convention that managed to hold tought in the face off problems that would have broken many convention staffers.  You name the issue, they probably faced it.  At the same time, Ohayocon had many operating tricks that even the larger cons could do with emulating, such as Opening Ceremonies that both entertained and provided information at the same time.

Despite the major barriers that the convention ran into, either due to bad luck OR their own mistakes...  The convention managed to shine.  Why?  Its simple even at the worst possible moments, I watched from the sidelines as key staffers chose to barrel through with sheer guts.  What the convention staffers lack in experience, they make up for with the sheer enthuiasm that many older conventions lack. 

Ohayocon had a true small con family feel that one finds lacking in many of the larger impersonal conventions.  This comes with all the advantages and disadvantages of a family, both the fights between siblings and the strength of unity it provides.  The staff pulled together when push came to shove, and wrapped with a final number of 1169 attendees. 

First year can be a fluke, and second year can be luck..  The third year says all and I am looking forward to Ohayocon 2003 and the job these energetic staffers do.  I have every confidence they will return in a year to put up one HELL of a show.

On a personal note : Things functioned very differently for me at this convention.  I participated as a special off-stage narrator during opening ceremonies, and actually acted as auctioneer for three different auction events.  Two of these auctions ran for charity, which combined brought in over 1600 dollars for the American Cancer Society and the 9/11 Fund.  Im truly thankful to Ohayocon for giving me the opportunity to help with these events, and for having me as a guest.

Coverage is heavy but some sharp folks will notice a big gaping holes on Friday and Saturday.  My apoligies, but I ended up spending some key coverage hours holed up in my bed trying to regain my voice in time for the various events.

Ohayocon 2002s coverage runs the whole gamut.  Con Breakdown, Shoutouts, Personal Favorites, and a whopping 245 photos!


As usual, the convention experience is comprised mainly of people I meet, interact and socialize with. Among the people who I'm tossing notes at (when I get the chance to write them) are...

Jinnai John
Bob Baranek
Rodney and Ruby
The Dennys Sunday morning Crew
Danny T

Alright, that's all I have right now...  I'll wirte more soon.. I promise! ^_^;;;

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