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My notes as they stand on Nekocon 2001..  (Draft 1 - No full con writeup yet)

Commentary: Nekocon Flash (2001)
October 26-28, 2001
Holiday Inn Executive Center
Virginia Beach, VA

Quote for the weekend: YARRRRRRRRRR!
Quote 2 for the weekend: “Sleep deprivation leads to memory loss.”
Quote 3: “Who’s bright idea was this, its F@$#ING COLD!”   (5:30am Photo shoot on beach = Frozen cosplayers.)

Nekocon Flash (2001)  Returning to strong roots.

I began my journey to Nekocon at 2AM Thursday morning.  As the train sped its way to the convention, the light dawned on a beautiful day.  As I leave Nekocon at 5PM Monday, the sun fades, bring the deep dark night and a very bright moon to keep me company home.

There is something to be said for simplicity.  I have always seen Nekocon as a small convention, and while in the past I used to see that as a problem, the simple charm of friends at my fingertips and a comfortable location has finally won me over.

I will always feel that something, somewhere could have been done better.  I tend to be fairly critical of flaws that I perceive.  However, it doesn’t change the fact that I enjoyed myself.  Multiple people at the closing ceremonies put it best with the sentiment, “Nekocon is like returning to family.”  In troubled times like these, there is definite comfort in simply spending time with our friends.

I say that Nekocon is suited to friendship, singing, cavorting and simply having a good time.  Nekocon Flash was a gem by bringing old friends together, and giving us new friends to remember.

Cheers everyone!


One of the longest lists  probably because I actually had time to spend with people at this particular convention. 

Chuck - Generous beyond the call, you picked me up and shuttled me around once I got into town.  I love the house and the scroll haven, and spending time with your sister and your friends was a great way to start the weekend.  Don’t let the stress of plotting large events like dinner get to you though. 

Norm - The fact that you use your LARGE suitcase for gaming gear and your small duffel bag for clothing astounds me.  Sleep deprivation leads to memory loss, which would explain why we keep asking, “WHAT THE HELL was that you were holding on Thursday??!”

Anna - BGM - Bare Naked Ladies, “Who needs sleep”.  : )   It was great to spend time talking with you, and we must again play Bust a Move using DDR pads as butt-rests.  Don’t leave your notebooks next time! 

Big Danny T - “Teacher, I need to go to the bathrooooommmm…”  Cosplay was fun, and as usual it ran quite smooth.  Trading stories of old days of con going as well as quietly discussing con politics with you and the other Nekocon staffers was fun, albeit a little disconcerting when I found I’d passed a landmine buried under my feet. ;)

Octavian - As usual, a pleasure!  Feels good to get back to the old location for Nekocon, doesn’t it?  Next year, we must try and encourage the singers to have a consistent key.  Of course, we’ll also try and avoid the seemingly obligatory Kinko’s run. 

Dar - This is NOT your house!  : )  It never ceases to amaze me how quickly you absorb yourself into artist’s alley and get familiar with people there.  A big hunka Dar lovin seems to go a long way, but I’ll leave that determination to the people who had to share the couch with you. ;)

Hachiman  -  Look, I donno why I know all these people, okay?  : )  We must run away from the nightmare of last minute runs for next year.  Of course, we also must avoid massive typos in dates. 

Steve Bennett and the Ironcat Crew - If there was to be a regular guest at cons, its Ironcat.  Always willing to sit and talk with people, I sometimes think that Ironcat exists just to give Steve Bennett an excuse to get into conventions.  Everyone else that’s part of Ironcat seems to be living up to the standards, as lately I’ve been seeing members of the Ironcat collective walking around, chatting, sketching, making bad PUNS, and helping coordinate cosplays.  If I were to define landmarks on the con scene, Ironcat is definitely one of them.

Irys, Heather, Alisa, Anna, Nadia, and others whose names I suddenly can’t remember - The Ironcat calendar is turning into an adventure, but I can’t think of any way to make it more fun than shooting with you all.  I’m glad that some of you had the chance to see the results of the shoots, and I feel terrible that some of you missed them!  I look forward to the next photo session everyone! : )

Carolina - Evil evil evil.  That photo of you is EVIL!  Now, repeat after me, “I will not turn into a bloodsucking vampire, because it ruins my beautiful Chinese skin.”  Say that 20 times, and don’t ever start jumping around with your hands held out. 

Amy - You may think that I didn’t see it, but I know your game..  You made it look like you were groping me, but I know you were after my wallet! 

Jupe - The quote of the weekend is YOUR fault!  I still must collect on that backrub, we seem to always skip that during the weekend.  Seeing you on Thursday was a surprise, and watching you and Dommi engineer a perfect “Embarrass Danny” moment was great! 

Canasian Johnny - Ai ya!  How you managed to start (and stop) all those songs Saturday night scares me silly.  The adventure you went through to get to Nekocon scares me more.  Then again, you didn’t have to drive during the con, so I guess I avoided getting REALLY scared. 

Aja - My little con daughter is growing up!  <sniffle>  First she was in her first winning cosplay skit, then she won her first craftsmanship award!  I’m so proud! Next year… it’s the Fangirls..  <evil grin> 

Khourey - Great job with the assistant part in our skit!…  <beep>  “He obviously didn’t stay at a holiday inn express last night.”  Oh, and don’t ever fall asleep around Danny Hong, he likes taking photos of people doing that. 

Aaron - I think we’ve found a new look for you.  Everyone went crazy over your transformation from the Fanboy to the Bishonen!  Remember, with 5 easy steps, EVERYONE can hold a rose in their mouth and charm the masses! 

“Building the Better Bishonen” skit members - Great job everyone!  Even when I scribble down a skit, it doesn’t work unless I got great people to play with me on stage.  Aja, I’m so proud of you taking Tikki’s craftsmanship award!  Aaron  the gasps of anticipation as you walked out on stage as the Bishonen were wonderful!  Khourey,  your facial expressions made up beautifully for my rushed delivery!  Kevin’s Judges award belongs to all of us, so again, cheers!!!  Next year, maybe we’ll even sell some books!  <grin>

Zoe - I can’t help it, I just want to see you in a little Snorlax costume!  You always look cute and sleepy when I see you  even when you’ve just woken up you’re cute!  Can I market you as a plushie? 

Duane - It’s always a relief to chat with you, as you provide a good anchor to the insanity of the cons.  Truth be told, you’re able to provide the mature counterpoint in serious discussions that is sometimes missing with the rest of the crowd..  ;)

Matt Pyson - “Come on, where’s your Otakon spirit?  Work with me!”  -  I’m sorry Matt, but that’s going to be stuck in my head forever now.  I saw the parody again Sunday night and your role is burned into my subconscious now.  : )   I feel bad, in that every time we had a chance to sit and chat, I ended up disappearing again in less than a minute.  It wasn’t on purpose, I’m just like a little kid distracted by any shiny thing during conventions!  There’s always ComCon, where we can sit around and chat without distractions. 

Sailor Mo - AHH!!!  I can’t believe we lost you!  ^_^;;  Trust me though, you all did have the better meal Sunday night. ;)

Danny Hong - The look on your face was priceless Friday night, and I’m glad of my participation.  Just the capability of having a classic “Danny Hong Face” to mimic next time the story is told is a joy. ;)

Christy - We have to make a habit of doing photo shoots, its always fun and you manage to pull off some great stuff.  We’ve got to chat more often about how to improve cosplay  I think the theater majors and the theater buffs have a great amount of potential to put on a really good show.  Together we can all wipe away the stigma that masquerade’s suck! ;)

Dommi - We didn’t get a chance to chat too much this convention  but its always good to see you!  By the way, remember that hentai shot I was trying to avoid during one photo shoot?  ..  Seems I took a hentai shot earlier that shoot already.  Oops!  <Saves for private collection>  <evil grin>

Kat - You know, those suspenders REALLY ride up the ..  oh never mind.   Next time we need to practice more “Scooterisms”  and we’ve got to shoot in the morning again!  Really, freezing on the beach at 5am is for a good cause, really!  I’m looking forward to the next convention  we do “Tag team Sleeping” pretty well. 

Ollie, Alex Wang, Andy, Brad DeMoss, Alicia and Sister who’s name I AGAIN can’t remember, Kevin Lillard, Scott Melzer, Todd Dillinger, Scott Frazier, and other masses of people whose names I’m forgetting - I always want to give a specific comment to everyone I meet, but I can’t always pull it off.  Its always hard to remember all the people I meet at conventions, but I have to say that meeting new people, or striking up conversations with people I’ve met before is always a pleasure.  Some of you I’ve known for a while, while others I only started to speak with this weekend.  In all cases, I look forward to meeting all of you again at future conventions and moments in life!


And that's that for now, its time for me to unpack..   <poof>

Terry / Doc the Stampede


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