Knighttime - A special look at the characters from Serial Experiments known as the MiB.  There was a general misconception that the MiB are Knights from the series.  Despite the inaccuracy, the name stuck.  We are Knights.  You will be assimilated.
( 'Where is that girl, the girl known as Lain?' ) ( 'Scanning mode engaged.' ) ( 'Aren't you a bit.. small to be a stormtrooper?' ) ( Dueling cameramen. ) ( Out of uniform, the MiB Agent contemplates his next move. )
( 'Alright.. What is this thing?' ) ( 'We must examine this unit.  Perhaps it will give us the insight we need.' ) ( MiB Agent Karl suspects that they are wasting time. ) ( Its Riverdance!  Starring, the Knights! ) ( 'This isn't so hard.' )
( 'I don't think we're making any progress.' ) ( 'wait, lemme try scanning the interface.' ) ( MiB Agent Karl starts to grow TIRED of this unit. ) ( 'Job well done.  Let us continue our search.' ) ( Lain Character Designer Yoshitoshi ABe poses with the Lain MiB. )

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